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About the project TDM

This project was started by myself years ago as a sort of 'intresting amusement', but some time ago fun turned into seriousness. The aim is to create a singleplayer-game (with multiplayer-option), based on a total-conversion for the Lithtech-Engine 'Jupiter' (this one was used for games like 'No one lives forever 2', 'Contract Jack' or 'Tron 2.0'). Right now, there are considerations to change the engine, because of its great limitation. A releasedate can't be given, because as this is a voluntary and non-commercial project, only that time can be invested that is available beside of a job and commitments, which isn't very much tho. Furthermore, so far, the whole project (as all other projects here as well) was completely built and handled by my own person.

About the story of TDM

In TDM the player takes the role of someone who is directly in the middle of events, the first problem the player has to confront, is to find out who or what exactly he is. He has no memories, and all indications pointing to the fact that he could be a program but also an user. To find this out is one of the major tasks in this game and will develop over the time in this story.
But the real main task for the player is to find some information about someone who is named as the 'digital messaih' and, if he should really exists and being dangerous, to delete him. This task is comming apparently from the same backers which already brought the player into this situation and this system. They're always watching the player, putting him under pressure and controlling him. At the end of the story it will be shown if the player finds the digital messiah and how he deals with him.

About the options in the game

The player should have a high grade of freedom, specific paths will be given due to the tasks in the game, but for the rest the area will be free to roam and explore, and there should be sidemissions available. Furthermore the player should decide freely how he deals with problems, he has the options to be diplomatic, gladiatorial or infiltrating. Most times there are alternative ways that can be found, confronting the player with their own problems. And even for the final end of the game the player will be able to freely decide what kind of end there should be, and each end will have its own result.
In the game there are several fractions the player can met and can work for if he likes. The decision which fraction the player follows or how he reacts on them, will have influences on the development of the story as well.

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